TEDx Talks is coming to Unionville

TEDx Unionville, an extension of the TEDx Talks program, will be the first event of its kind held in Markham.

On May 4, six speakers will be discussing a wide variety of topics at the Markham Hilton Hotel. Topics include a look at the bright side of autism, whether artificial intelligence will take over humanity and more.

Co-executive TEDx Unionville producers Aman Jain and Rashi Bindra said they chose the speakers because they believe each of them have a clear vision in how the community would benefit from their presentations.

“At our event, dynamic speakers will talk about ground-breaking new discoveries or share insights on current topics from a different view (and) break our perception of how we see things the way they are,” said Aman. “We want our audience to be inspired with fresh thinking.”

Rashi said these types of events often happen in Toronto, so she wanted to bring TEDx Talks to Markham to highlight what the city has to offer. Aman said he was actually inspired by Rashi’s involvement in these types of events, so he wanted to bring this event to his home.

With TEDx Unionville, both executive producers said they hope to develop it into a well-known city event that will grow bigger each year. As well, they hope to provide attendees with a valuable and insightful experience.

“It is not just about coming out and hearing people talk,” said Rashi. “It is about leaving with a different mindset, point of view or perspective. We want people to want more and to explore the takeaways from the topics they hear. Essentially, we want people to be inspired by this event and enhance their life.”

Visit tedxunionville.com for information on tickets and details on the speakers.

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