Taiwanese community launches Fort Mac fund

The emergency situation is subsiding in Fort McMurray, but the costs continue to pile up as rebuilding and resettlement commences.

Realizing these ongoing costs, the Association of Taiwanese Organizations of Toronto (ATOT) has heeded the call from the Taiwanese Canadian Community Service Association (TCCSA), and joined forces to build a fund. Between June 1st and June 31st 2016, The Taiwanese Communities in GTA will be called to fundraise for Fort McMurray, Alberta. Our set target is to raise $50,000 combined and hope it would be matched by the Canadian government.

“As an immigrant community, we came from a place frequently experienced the wrath of natural disasters. We understand the daunting task of rebuilding and resettling of those who are displaced by the unforgiving mother nature.”

For people wishing to assist or donate, they can contact Tammy Mok [email protected]

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