Rona Ambrose holds roundtable with members of ethnic and local press

Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose holds a media roundtable with members of ethnic and local press on the priorities of the Official Opposition.

“As Canada’s official opposition, our role is to hold this new Liberal government to account,” said Ambrose. When asked “What kind of budget do you expect?” Ambrose said, “We expect a big spending budget. Our concern is that Prime Minister Trudeau promised to keep deficits to $10 billion – that was his commitment in the election and within 30 days he broke that promise and he also promised to balance the budget by the next election-within 30 days he broke that promise. What we see in front of us is rising deficits, rising debt, and no plan to actually show how he is going to actually balance the budget.”

“We are also holding them to account on the foreign affairs file…the fight against ISIS. We are very disappointed in the Prime Minister’s decision to end the fight against ISIS-on the military intervention with the CF-18’s. By pulling out our CF-18’s…ending our proud military history.”

Members of the media shared many comments and questions with Ambrose and also commented on the positive change with this new welcomed open dialogue being available to them.

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