According the the Ipsos Canadian Foodservice Monitor, health and nutrition are top of mind for consumers in changing their eating habits.

The top 10 items people want to exclude from their diet are white sugar (32 per cent), processed food (31 per cent), salt/sodium (31 per cent), trans fat (31 per cent), high-calorie foodstuffs (29 per cent), high-cholesterol foodstuffs (28 per cent), high-fructose corn syrup (27 per cent), genetically-modified foodstuffs (26 per cent), saturated fats (26 per cent) and artificial colourings (24 per cent).

The top 10 items people want to include in their diet are vegetables (59 per cent), fruit (49 per cent), water (46 per cent), fresh foods (33 per cent), fibre (32 per cent), natural foods (29 per cent), fish (29 per cent), protein (28 per cent), whole grains (26 per cent) and vitamin D (22 per cent).

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