Region to retrofit social housing facilities

York Region will receive $17.4 million from the Ontario Ministry of Housing to upgrade and retrofit eligible social housing buildings over the next five years. Projects include installing solar walls and converting lighting systems to LED.

Eligible retrofits covered through the Social Housing Apartment Improvement Program also include replacing heating and cooling systems, upgrading exterior or interior insulation, upgrading windows and exterior doors, re-cladding or upgrading building envelopes and retrofitting that uses low carbon and carbon-free energy technologies/systems.

“Investments in our housing facilities allow us to complete valuable upgrades that can make an impactful difference for residents, prolong the life of our buildings and improve energy efficiency,” said Jack Heath, Markham deputy mayor, who also serves as Housing York Inc. chair.

York Region financially supports more than 6,700 social housing units owned and operated by 44 non-profit housing providers. Housing York Inc. also owns and operates more than 2,500 social and affordable housing units in its nine municipalities. Upgrades and retrofits must be completed by March 31, 2023.

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