Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in Canada. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, 1 in 7 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. September has been designated as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month as the need for awareness and education continues to climb. The goal of this month is to engage and connect the public, media, academia, and government because on some level prostate cancer affects us all.

Despite the fact that deaths from prostate cancer have dropped by approximately 40 per cent over the past 20 years, an estimated 4,100 Canadian men died from the disease in 2015 alone. Showing that there is still much work to be done in order to reduce that number even further. And a first step in accomplishing that goal is to collectively understand and actively participate in creating broader awareness. By creating a month dedicated to the awareness of prostate cancer we are able to learn more and understand more about it, equipping us to come together and truly make a difference. Some of the ways in which we can make a difference include sharing information, making a donation to research, or by calling your health care provider.

For further information and even more ways to get involved during Prostate Awareness Month please visit

***By Meagan O’Hanlon

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