YRP highlight unsolved murders and missing persons



A new cold case website allows users to step back in time to help solve murders and missing person cases in York Region dating as far back as 60 years ago.

The website, which was launched April 1 on the York Regional Police site, lists cold cases alphabetically by decade. It also allows people who have information to get in touch with cold case investigators or Crime Stoppers anonymously.

“Each of the incidents profiled, the oldest of which dates back to 1956, features an overview of the case, as well as previously unseen photographs and mapping of key points related to the investigation,” states a media release from the police.

One such case is a murder that took place 20 years ago. On May 18, 1996, a party of 200 people was held at 5711 14th Ave. in Markham at Club Fawcett. At approximately 3 am, shots were fired, leaving Lloyd Mitchell dead at the scene and Everton Brown dead shortly thereafter. None of the witnesses helped in identifying the murderer.

Despite the passage of time, with the advent of new forensic techniques and new information brought forward by members of the public, investigators are hopeful that they will be able to move these cold case investigations forward.

Constable Andy Pattenden, a media relations officer with the York Regional Police said “time can be the motivator.”

“We feel that over a significant time, people’s thoughts and feelings change,” he continued. “They may be encouraged to come forward after holding on to that knowledge for a long time. It would be eating away at them.”

He added that loved ones of these victims or missing persons need closure.

“York Regional Police are already working tirelessly in solving these cases, though any help from the public is very important,” Pattenden said. “I have no doubt that people won’t be hesitant in helping us in any way possible in solving these cases.”

More information about these homicides and missing person cases can be found on the York Regional Police site at yrp.ca/coldcases, or by visiting yrp.ca and clicking on Cold Case Files under the Community tab.


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