Interim leader says he won’t run in March leadership race

Vic Fedeli is abandoning leadership ambitions for the provincial PC Party.

Fedeli sent out an email to party members Jan. 30 saying, “It has been a chaotic time for our party and a steady hand is needed at the helm. It is time to put the party and the province ahead of any one person’s ambition. As such, I will work exclusively as interim leader to the party. I will not be running for the permanent leadership position.

“We have a strong caucus, a strong roster of candidates with more to come and we will have a very worthy person chosen at the end of this process to be our party leader and the next Premier of Ontario.

“The province needs a strong opposition to hold the Wynne Liberals accountable for years of scandal, mismanagement and waste and to continue to present the need for change at Queen’s Park.

“We can, and must, win this election – not just for the party, but for the people of Ontario.”



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