Paramedics want you “Citizen Ready”

National Paramedic Services Week (NPSW) is a yearly event that highlights the work paramedic staffers do each year but also enlists you, the every-day-person, in their cause.

It brings together communities and paramedics to recognize the dedication of those who provide day-to-day lifesaving services on the front line.

The life-saving heroics that the front-line workers are known for are, of course, front and centre, but also the people who support those workers and participate in educational functions raising awareness of safety issues, injury prevention and simple prepping you on what to do when emergencies happen.

Paramedics are busy at the best of times, with the 500-plus members of the York Region Paramedic Team transporting almost 60,000 patients yearly in York Region alone. This year is shaping up to be no less intense as paramedic’s days are more than full dealing with the ravages of the COVID -19 situation.

That doesn’t mean educational efforts will stop this year. Quite the contrary. Running from May 24 to 30, the theme for NPSW is Paramedic as an Educator – Citizen Ready.

The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, an umbrella group for the profession, is preparing learning experiences that run each day of the week and cover topics that you should know more about including what to do in the case of someone having an opioid overdose, emergency preparedness, and how to control bleeding until medics get there.

These kinds of educational opportunities will also be reflected locally despite the challenges of 2020.

They are initiatives that are aimed at reducing emergency department visits and wait times. It has a big effect across the whole system, and it encourages community health.

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