Markham Councillor Karen Rea and fellow volunteer Susan Schmidt were among this year’s Bridge Markham Community Church group involved in this year’s Mission to Haiti.

The trip includes multiple components and the Mission to Haiti Canada leaders decide what construction project will be worked on and which locations to travel to, to run the medical clinics.

The team sets up medical clinics in seven different locations in total, loading a truck with everything needed each day and travelling to agreed sites. The nurse volunteers and team serve upwards of 200 patients a day, babies to elderly, dispensing medications and vitamins from donated supplies. A local dentist joins each trip, and he serves up to 80 patients during the clinics. Clients include people who haven’t eaten for a couple of days, or (usually elderly) people with no means of support. Last year, the group supported a mother who searched through dumps to get food for her seven kids.

Visit  for more information.

Photo: Members of this year’s pharmacy team during the Mission to Haiti. Susan Schmidt and Karen Rea on the right of the photo.


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