Though year-round nutrition is key, experts note. This month, in particular, is one to watch what you eat.


March is Nutrition Month, with Dieticians of Canada spearheading a campaign to support Canadians in their struggles with food. The slogan for the 2017 campaign is “Take the fight out of food! Spot the Problem. Get the facts. Seek Support.”  The goal is to provide information and guidance to Canadians to make it easier to end their fight with food.


There is an abundance of health and nutrition information in a continually growing market. People are trying to become more educated and aware of their own health and that of their families. However, with countless diet options (Paleo, Atkins, vegan, etc.), choosing simple and healthy nutrition has become complicated.


“Every day in my work as a dietitian, I hear from frustrated clients about the struggles they have with everyday food decisions. Eating should be joyful, yet it is a source of frustration and confusion for many,” says registered dietitian Christy Brissette.


Therefore, Dietitians of Canada, a national association of dietitians and nutritionists, is working to help Canadians take the fight out of food through a simple three-step approach: spot the problem, get the facts and seek support.


“Through these three steps you will be able to get practical solutions that suit your specific needs and lifestyle to help you overcome your own food fights,” Brissette said.


The first step is to spot the problem and make the decision to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Once that is done, people can get health information from their physician, dietitian or nutritionist, online or from area health stores.


“We want to help people make healthy lifestyle changes,” said Healthy Planet marketing director Syed Rizvi. “There are a lot of easy small steps that can make a big difference, from ensuring you get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to offering various protein shakes to support muscle recovery and growth after workouts. Our nutritionists are available to offer healthy living suggestions.”


It is important to note that more than half of Canadians over the age of 20 live with a chronic disease like diabetes or heart disease and four out of five are at risk, with diet and lifestyle being major factors. Dietitians of Canada is determined to see a reduction in these numbers.


For more information to begin your healthy lifestyle, please visit to learn more about Nutrition Month. For new and healthy recipe ideas you can download Cookspiration, a free app from Dietitians of Canada.


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