New park celebrates city’s first innkeeper

The City of Markham is honouring its first innkeeper with the opening of William Cantley Park.

Located in Victoria Square, not far from the inn that he established in 1837 where he was the first inn-keeper.

William Cantley Park offers children, parents, youth and seniors the chance to get out, mingle and stay active. This lovely park with playgrounds, pergola, basketball court and pathway is fast becoming the newest hub for this growing community.

The history of Victoria Square dates to 1805, when mostly Mennonites from Pennsylvania immigrated to the area, followed by British and American settlers in the late 1820s.

Several businesses emerged in the 1830s, including the William Cantley Inn. In those days, inns were important rest stops for travellers and farmers. They also served as social hubs for local residents, where political meetings and entertainments of all kinds took place.

Photo: William Cantley Park officially opened on July 6.

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