Children enjoying the benefits of the music therapy program at SickKids Hospital have a little bit more to smile about these days.

Shoppers and staff at the local Long & McQuade Musical Instruments recently raised $6,000 for the SickKids music therapy program.

Store manager Dan Coniglio helped inspire his staff to raise the money by promising to walk to work in his shorts on a frigid January day if their fundraising efforts reached $5,000. Twenty per cent above the goal was sweet success for his team.

“Music has always been there to light me up and give me hope when things get rough,” Coniglio said. “The kids at that hospital need the light, hope, and inspiration that music can deliver.” This year we wanted to make the biggest impact yet, and we ended up getting over $6000.”

Being an instructor in the Wim Hof Method, an approach to better health that focuses on cold-therapy and breathing, Coniglio, fortunately, has experience in being exposed to frigid temperatures. Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme athlete who has gained 21 Guinness World Records and created the method to build resiliency and strength in the mind and body.

“The cold is one of peoples greatest fears, and in the Wim Hof Method, we use our breath and our mind to be present and not withdraw from the discomfort of the cold. Facing the cold is always a challenge, and when we come out on the other side, we feel victorious, strong and happy,” added Coniglio.

Dan Coniglio and his partner will be hosting a workshop on the Wim Hof Method at Float Valley in Markham on March 22.

Coniglio and his partner Bree Greig have hosted workshops on the Wim Hof Method across the GTA. They teach the history science and theory behind the method before taking participants on a journey through yoga, breathwork, and the grand finale; an ice bath, all guided by live music.

“We don’t use force, each participant is in control of how far they go, and we are there to guide them and give them the tools to do so,” Coniglio added.

He and his partner have workshops coming up February 15 at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre in Toronto and March 22 at Float Valley in Markham.

“People can do more than they think they can, but we have been trained to shrink away from challenges due to our current lifestyle of creature comforts. I want to show people how to take their power back with simple, effective and scientifically tested techniques,” Coniglio explained.

For more information on the Wim Hof Method and it’s health benefits, visit
Dan’s personal page and event can be found at

Main photo: Dan Coniglio, manager of Long & McQuade Markham, walked to work in his shorts on January 20th to fulfil his promise after his team beat their goal in a fundraiser for the SickKids music therapy program. Mike Ferfolia (left) showed his support by joining Coniglio on the frigid walk up Main Street Markham.


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