MPL launches Human Library

Markham Public Library launches Human Library to give people an opportunity to explore different career options and find out what’s the right career for them. What’s interesting about this year’s Human Library is that it is all virtual.

Every other week, there will be a new person from a different profession discussing their career in a live webinar, which will give members of the public a chance to ask questions about a specific career. The webinar will then be recorded and stored on the library’s website in a collection where they can be viewed by customers at any time.

The purpose of this initiative is to help address the Markham community’s desire to learn about different careers that are relevant and growing during this time.

The human books will help inform those looking to become a part of the workforce or interested in changing their careers.

In addition to learning about careers, people will gain mentorship, advice, network and find out the education or training they need, as well as where to get it, to obtain their dream job. It will focus on careers that continue to thrive during this time of economic uncertainty.

The upcoming human books will be a communications specialist, an archaeologist, a firefighter, a fire preventions officer and a paleontologist.

For more information and to register for upcoming webinars, visit

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