Motus O Junior Company debuts with Midsummer Night’s Dream

Motus O Dance theatre has considered Stouffville home for a long time. Through their collective careers spanning more than three decades, 21 full-length productions and multiple cross-Canada and international tours, Stouffville has been the centre of some amazing memories over the years and they aren’t done yet. While still actively touring their award-winning Prisoner of Tehran, performing at local fairs, including at Markham, and leading camps at 19 on the Park, the creative directors of Motus O – Cynthia Croker, Jack Langenhuizen and James Croker –  have managed to carve out some time to begin training the next generation.

Engaging youth from ages eight to 16, Motus O is showing theatre hopefuls what a career in the industry might look like.

Beginning with auditions, the aspiring youth are experiencing each step of the performance process. Those who made it through the auditions then spent a year of weekly rehearsals, learning and honing various theatre skills and now they’re ready for the stage. The first full-length production will be the Shakespeare comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Using text, video, melody and movement, Motus O’s adaptation brings to life the story of two young men in love with the same woman, which is always a recipe for disaster. The ancient soap opera takes place in the city of Athens and the surrounding enchanted forest full of sprites and fairies with their own feuds. Chief mischief-maker, Puck, is on hand to ensure the course of true love is anything but smooth. Chaos ensues as he confuses the lovers with potions, fantasy and dreams.

This is your chance to see the Motus O Junior Company as they begin their stage career. Performances, at 19 on the Park, begin at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on April 29. Tickets are $25 each or buy three and get one free. Visit or call 905-640-2322.

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