MDE receives Organizational Legacy Safety Award

Markham District Energy (MDE) formally received the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) 2020 Organizational Legacy Safety Award at the TSSA’s virtual Annual General Meeting held October 22, 2020.

The Award recognizes MDE for its leadership in making safety a priority in the workplace and for the organization’s dedication to sharing safety knowledge and experiences with employees.

“MDE is honoured to be awarded TSSA’s 2020 Organizational Legacy Safety Award,” said Bruce Ander, MDE President & CEO. “The award not only serves as meaningful recognition for our team in terms of its health and safety dedication to-date, but also encouragement to continue exceeding expectations and striving for excellence in health and safety as we move into the next phase of our organization’s history.”

Believing that making Ontario a safe place to work, live and play is a shared responsibility, TSSA implemented its annual Legacy Safety Awards Program in 2015 to celebrate individuals and organizations making significant contributions to safety in Ontario in TSSA’s regulated sectors.

“For MDE to be recognized for its contributions to safety in Ontario by one of our regulators is an outstanding achievement,” said Jack Heath, MDE Board Chair. “We too believe health and safety to be a shared responsibility and I’m proud of the health and safety culture our team has built at MDE throughout our 20-year history.”


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