Markham Museum readies for seasonal fun

Markham Museum is offering programs that mix a desire for renewal and change with the history and traditions of the community.

First up this fall is the opening of Geared For Growing. This family-friendly exhibit takes visitors on an exploration of Markham’s Agricultural history. In fact, most of Markham’s populace used to work on farms. Many hands-on displays show and explain the simple machines that help most farm equipment function in order to plant, cultivate and harvest.

Geared For Growing also tells the story of a secret agricultural research facility that once operated in Markham. From there, the vital roles of science and engineering in improving modern farms are explored while challenging guests to think of their own innovations that may one day support the local food supply.

From The Ground Up is the current feature exhibition at the museum. It showcases the archaeological discoveries from multiple excavations at Markham Museum between 1968 and 2009. These discoveries tell the story Markham’s transition from a small farming village to one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. It’s interactive too. Guests can try to piece together some broken items from decades past or even take part in a pottery workshop.

“The Markham Museum provides an educational learning experience for all ages, with interactive programs about Markham’s past, present and future,” said Lillian Galstanian, of the Museum’s program staff. “The program content is created in a way to allow visitors to expand their knowledge through an innovative and exciting experience.”

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