Markham joins global network to create ‘smarter’ future

The City of Markham is one of just 100 cities across the world and 30 across Canada that are part of a global registry that’s designed to improve the delivery of city services.

“Cities are at the core of global transformation and have the opportunity to shape a better, more inclusive and sustainable world,” Mayor Frank Scarpitti says of Markham earning ISO 37120 Platinum-level certification from the World Council on City Data (WCCD). ISO 37120 is the first international standard on city data.

“As Canada’s High-Tech Capital and most diverse city, we are thrilled to join the WCCD Canadian and global network, allowing us to benchmark against other leading municipalities, continue to drive change and learn from best practices,” Scarpitti says. “We are confident that other municipalities will greatly benefit from our successful sustainability initiatives and we in turn look forward to learning from others, especially in areas such as infrastructure and rapid transit development.”

Markham reported more than 90 of the 104 indicators within WCCD’s ISO 37120 international standard to achieve the highest level for city data, joining a group of cities across 35 countries that are collecting, sharing and using city data to make effective and transformative decisions.

The WCCD ISO Platinum Certification was awarded as part of the three-year ‘Data for Canadian Cities Project’ as supported by the Federal Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities.

“All communities, large and small, need good data to plan and build modern public infrastructure,” says Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Catherine McKenna. Obtaining the ISO standard for municipal data will help Markham plan projects with quality data and will guide evidence-based decision-making, she adds.

Access to the WCCD Global Network means Markham can measure quality of life and service delivery using a common international standard and share local experiences while learning how cities around the world are tackling similar issues as well as practices and policies that have the biggest impact. It can also access the expertise and experience of leading global experts and municipal peers.

“With a firm commitment to sustainable transport and a data-driven safe and resilient future, the WCCD looks forward to working with the City of Markham in creating a smarter, more sustainable, resilient, inclusive and prosperous future for your residents,” says WCCD President and CEO Patricia McCarney.


Photo: Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti in a screenshot from an online presentation in which the city joined a prestigious global network.  

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