Markham educational institution provides online English program

QOEG is an e-learning company, based in Markham, that provides a comprehensive online English program focusing on speaking, listening and writing for Grade 1 to 6 students based in China. The company’s highly-qualified, native English-speaking tutors and Chinese-speaking tutors are from various places throughout North America.

QOEG has successfully implemented winter-vacation and short-term courses in China.

In addition to providing training opportunities to parents and children in China, QOEG is also committed to delivering English courses globally. Currently, the company has cooperated with relevant institutions in Latin America and Southeast Asia with an aim of expanding their operations. In the process of globally growing their services, QOEG sets out to provide employment opportunities for the local community and will also seek ways to cooperate with the community in the fields of education, economy, employment and public services.

MPP Billy Pang visited the QOEG headquarters earlier this year and expressed his appreciation of their goals and work.

Photo: MPP Billy Pang watches the QOEG demo course on his mobile device.

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