Mandy Harvey, who appeared on America’s Got Talent, is truly a singing inspiration.

This lovely singer lost her hearing 10 years ago, but did not want that to stop her from singing as she had been singing since the age of four.

While on America’s Got Talent, judge Howie Mandel noticed that she had her shoes placed on the ground beside her. Mandel asked her if she did that to feel the vibration of the music because that was the only way she would have been able to sense the vibrations from the musical pieces. Mandy said that was correct and informed the panel of judges that she was going to sing the song entitled “Try.”

“I want to do more with my life than just give up,” she said.

Harvey got the blessing and the go-ahead from Simon Cowell, and she sang the piece. To say that it was incredible and special is a gross understatement. The audience leapt to their feet way before the song was even over, and it was an awe-inspiring moment indeed for performer, audience and judges alike. Cowell hit the confetti button — something that is reserved for only the most special performances.

From breathy jazz to heartfelt blues, you are sure to enjoy and appreciate every number she sings, and be in awe throughout the performance. She will be singing at the Flato Markham Theatre on January 24.


Photo: Mandy Harvey performs Jan. 24 in Markham.



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