Local tech innovation could save you money

Strained by how much you’re spending on shopping?  Have a business but struggling to lure shoppers and revenue?  Here in Canada’s tech capital, a saving grace to shopping and retail in the form of an innovative, user-friendly mobile app has taken off called SalePointer.

I’m sorry, but what exactly is SalePointer? you’re likely thinking.  Created by BrainVision Market Analytics Inc., a Markham tech and market research start-up, SalePointer is intended to change things for the better for shoppers and retailers.

Prior to creating SalePointer, the folks at BrainVision had come to realize their usual shopping routine had inflicted a burden, namely costs, and lacked an enjoyable component, namely options.  Wondering if anyone else shared this experience, BrainVision, with its staff largely having market research backgrounds, went out to determine shoppers’ sentiments.  Their findings confirmed what they’ve suspected: that shopping costs had increasingly become a financial strain, leading them to become open to discovering and considering a more diverse array of local retailer brands in their areas they never knew were around to shop from, to help save money and to find them easier.

The initial concept of SalePointer, however, took root from the recent state of the retail industry says the company’s CEO Albert Lam. He goes on to say that with some 20 years working in the market research field, he recognized that traditional retailers, big and small, were dying out at an alarming rate, stemming from factors such as poor sales, economic uncertainty, the internet and monopolization.  As someone who has long worked with and, therefore, a passion and sympathy for small businesses in the region, Lam recognized the need to build a tool for small and locally-based retailers to proliferate exposure of their brands.  That was when Lam and his team came up with the idea of a completely new digital advertising platform: an app that will allow retailers to showcase their most exclusive or cost-saving goods in highly customizable fashion as they see fit, with that information becoming quickly available to its end users who are looking for new venues and brands in their communities to shop from to save, as well as to find local quality goods.  SalePointer’s objective, therefore, is to help small and local businesses generate new heights of awareness and prosperity by helping them build up a solidly repetitive and loyal customer base from among the app’s end users.

When asked about his motive for creating the app, Lam said, “To provide the means for families to reduce the costs of living, but also giving them this mobile app to selectively compare shopping deals within their own neighbourhoods.”

So what’s in a name?  Why is the app called SalePointer?  The name is rooted in the fact that whenever an end user selects a store or deal, a map will appear denoting the locations of the user and the sought-after store or deal.  When deciding that’s the desired store or deal, the user can activate the map’s GPS function, which will provide real-time instructions to guide him or her to the exact address of the retailer, thereby, actually pointing him or her to their destination.

SalePointer is now available on the AppStore and GooglePlay for iOS and Android devices, respectively.  The download is free. Retailers will be given the opportunity to tap into the potential of the power of their brand to draw an inflow of shoppers with minimal costs.

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