Local pub keeps on giving

Paul and Tom Vasilovsky chose Sunnybrook Hospital’s Odette Cancer Centre as their latest organizer to help.

The pub owners and customers raised $1500 for the cancer centre.

Jim and Irene (in photo with Paul and Tom Vasilovsky) are happy with the fundraising results. Their daughter has been in and out of the Odette Cancer Centre and they have seen the great work done at the clinic to help many patients, including their daughter.

“Sunnybrook is at the forefront of cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. Our talented specialists are using the latest technology to diagnose cancer earlier and with the greatest possible accuracy so that we can provide the most-advanced treatment options to our patients. It is because of your generous support that we are improving our ability – and the ability of centers around the world – to deliver the most comprehensive and leading-edge care,” said  Joanne Sullivan, Sunnybrook Foundation event organizer.

“Support like this means so much to patients and their families… support will help us conduct ground-breaking research that benefits patients not only at Sunnybrook, but across Canada and around the world.

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