‘Living legacy’ of trees marks city’s anniversary

The City of Markham has created a ‘living legacy’ to commemorate its 225th anniversary with the planting of 225 Bur Oaks at the Markham 225 Forest at Milne Dam Conservation Park.

The planting included a land blessing and smudge ceremony led by Suzanne Smoke at the invitation of Mayor Frank Scarpitti. Smoke is Genew Kwe, Golden Eagle Woman, a member of Mississaugas of Rice Lake, Alderville First Nation and the Bear Clan.

The Bur Oak tree is the official tree of the City of Markham. The 225 trees were planted with the hope of providing vital forest cover, habitat, food and a home for diverse native plant and wildlife species. At 15 hectares, the size of the forest also means a significant interior habitat that will be home to a different set of specialized birds, amphibians and plants is being created.

The planting is part of the Mayor’s Trees for Tomorrow program that has added more than 400,000 trees to Markham.

Photo of volunteers planting the Markham 225 Forest this fall at the south end of Milne Dam Conservation Park.

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