Library provides a variety of programs this winter

The Markham Public Library team has lots of programs to keep you engaged this winter.

From setting goals, to Taxes 101 and learning about cognitive health, the library has something for everyone.

As the pandemic continues, we are faced with mapping out our lives in this new normal. We each have to identify what is meaningful to us and turn that into individual goals. These goals may include work, relationships, or health, but they should be carefully selected to be both rewarding and attainable. Join Amreeta Kaur, MSW, RSW and Dr. Dylan Coombs, ND,  as they discuss ways to select and design goals that are meaningful. The January 19th session at 7 PM will include mindfulness, mental health, and goal setting. Program Info.

Do you find it difficult to set boundaries? Women’s Support Network will be giving a presentation on the importance of setting healthy boundaries. They will also be discussing how to set boundaries. This program takes place January 20th, 6 PM Program Info.

Learning English can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have many opportunities to practice at home. Markham Public Library is available to support all of your language-learning needs. With physical and online resources, you can learn English all while improving your pronunciation, reading, writing, and conversation skills. This session which takes place on January 20th at 7 PM will provide a live tutorial of seven resources that will help you practice English in real time, including: audiobooks, movies and TV shows, Mango Languages, The Learning Hub, Goldfish Language School, English Conversation Circles, ESL Classes and more. Program Info.

How much do you know about the tax system in Canada? Join the series of Taxes 101 workshops that will answer all your tax-related questions, including why filing a tax return is important, information on different return benefits, and tips for maximizing your return. This program takes place January 25th, 7 PM Program Info.

MPL’s Human Library is where you can check out human books on Zoom to explore different careers. From firefighter to paleontologist, there’s something you will find interesting. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a nurse? This month we will be talking to a nurse. She will share her experiences of working in the field and what qualifications/training you need to be one. This program takes place January 27th, 7 PM Program Info.

Are you a senior in need of tech support? Want to learn how to use a computer better or use social media? If so, you’ll want to attend the Seniors Tech Support session on February 1st at 7 PM Program Info.

Learn how cognitive health affects your overall well being. Cognitive health is a major factor in ensuring the quality of life of older adults. In this session, you will learn about brain health and five practical ways to improve cognitive wellbeing. JoinCFSO for online cognitive games to sharpen your brain and have some fun. This program takes place February 4th at 1:30 PM Program Info.

Join this three-series workshop to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. In the first session, you will learn about abuse, what power and control look like and barriers to leaving an unhealthy relationship. This workshop is provided in partnership with Yellow Brick House as part of Healthy Homes virtual workshops for newcomers and immigrants. This program takes place February 23th, 6 PM. Program Info.

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