Kyogen performance at Varley Gallery

The Shigeyama Kyogen troupe performs the Longevity Sack in Markham.

Audiences can enjoy this Japanese traditional performance art at the Varley Art Gallery on November 30.

The shows starts of with the Master of the house seizing his opportunity to have Taro Kaja deliver divorce papers to his terrifying wife while she is away.

The wife, of course, returns in a furious rage, but the Master is too proud to change his mind despite his wife’s anger.

The wife then brings a large sack to take her share of their belongings. The Master says that, if she grants him the divorce, she can take whatever she wants.

The wife is overjoyed and starts looking for things to stuff into the sack, but can you guess the last item she puts in it?

This work is a masterpiece that invites the audience to laugh at the subtleties of love between husband and wife.

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