Kindred Spirits Orchestra keeps making connections

The Kindred Spirits Orchestra (KSO) is an award-winning orchestra based in Markham, but it has been doing more than simply making music, since 2009.


“Our raison-d’être is to connect, through music, people from various cultures, ethnical backgrounds and diverse communities,” says the founder and conductor of the KSO, Maestro Kristian Alexander.


Each KSO performance features both a pre-concert recital in the lobby of the Flato Markham Theatre and a chance for the audience to chat and interact with members of the orchestra. Intermissions feature a conversation with the soloist of the evening, hosted by Alexa Petrenko, a personality on 96.3 FM. Each evening finishes with a complimentary post-concert glass of champagne in the lobby.


“There are many favourite memories related to the orchestra,” says Alexander. “The best memories, though, are related to seeing the shining eyes of our audience members when I meet with them after the concerts.”


The KSO’s 2017 performance calendar features several opportunities to connect with the group and its music with four concerts between now and June.


The Feb. 11 concert will feature works by Wagner, cellist and featured soloist Rachel Mercer’s take on Schumann’s Cello Concerto in A minor and the legendary musical allegory of Joseph Stalin’s life; Symphony No. 10 by Shostakovich.


The April 14 concert is titled Death and Transfiguration. It features Tchaikovsky’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Strauss’s Tod und Verklarung (Death and Transfiguration) as well as featured soloist, Rudin Lengo playing the legendarily challenging Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor by Rachmaninov.


Brahms and Sibelius, on May 20, is Brahms’s Tragic Overture and Symphony No. 5 by Sibelius. Pianist Younggun Kim returns to the KSO stage as a featured soloist


Closing its season, the KSO presents The Force of Destiny. Verdi’s Overture to La Forza del Destino will be presented, as it often is, as a standalone piece. Celebrated violinist, Aaron Schwebel, will be the soloist on Prokofiev’s Concerto No. 1 for violin and orchestra and the night will finish with Tchaikovsky’s mournful but unintentional requiem, Pathetique.


All KSO concerts are held at the Flato Markham Theatre.

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