Investments in critical projects will create jobs

The Ontario government is launching a $30 billion infrastructure funding program. Investments in critical projects will create jobs, help families and businesses.

“When it comes to delivering core services that matter to people, our government is putting people first,” said Monte McNaughton, infrastructure minister.

The first stream of the funding, rural and northern, is open to cities and Indigenous communities with populations under 100,000. Those communities, about 500 of them, will have eight
weeks, beginning March 18, to nominate road and bridge projects.

“This is great news for communities in our riding,” said Markham-Thornhill MPP Logan Kanapathi.

The funding falls under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, which will unlock up to $30 billion in combined federal, provincial and local investments in communities across the province over the next 10 years.

Ontario’s share in the cost-sharing program will be up to 33 per cent, or $10.2 billion, spread across four streams: rural and northern; public transit; green; and community, culture and recreation.

The Grants Ontario website (click on Grant Opportunities) will be a “one-window” source for applicants, handling application intake, review, nomination, reporting and transfer payment
management processes – all in one place.

Visit for more information.

Photo: “Investments in critical projects will create jobs, help families and businesses,” says Markham-Thornhill MPP Logan Kanapathi.

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