Keep fire hazards out of your household waste.

Local works departments are reminding residents to be mindful of fire hazards in household waste. Heat sources, batteries and fuel can start fires when waste is stored, collected, transported, sorted and processed.

A particular danger is the disposal of ash or charcoal from barbecue grills, smokers or fireplaces. They must be cold, completely extinguished and securely bagged in a 100 per cent compostable liner bag before disposing of it in the green bin. Used fireplace ash is also good as a slug and snail deterrent in your garden or as a natural ice melt. Used charcoal can be used as garden fertilizer or a pest deterrent as long as it is additive-free.

Propane cylinders are considered hazardous waste and should never be put in the garbage or blue box. They should be disposed of at a hazardous waste drop-off site.

The danger of batteries can be reduced by storing them in a cool, dry location, away from flammable material. Some curbside battery recycling programs offer two collections per year, spring and fall. Check your waste calendar or app for collection dates.

For more information about waste management and proper disposal options in your region, visit your municipal or regional website.

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