With our worlds completely readjusted, we are all thankful for the frontline health care workers, essential employees, scientists, and many more doing all they can to help combat the current pandemic. Inspired by brave employees doing their part to battle Covid-19, many people have been wondering how they can volunteer and help. Sophie Yang, a grade 11 student in Toronto has put together a team of high school students to run a non-profit organization to help youth find a place to start lending their support.

The Impact Without Contact organization provides a platform to connect volunteers to a virtual hub where they can create personalized volunteer plans. Their mission is to provide this platform to help support front-line workers, provide resources and up to date news for volunteers, and tools to help adjust to life in quarantine. After signing up, the team will look at factors such as availability and experience when creating individualized opportunities for each and every volunteer. 

The areas of focus include education, small business, care centres, mental health, awareness, and public health. The non-profit currently has partnerships with organizations in these areas and are actively looking for volunteers to help make an impact. Some examples of available opportunities include helping out at care centres (senior homes, homeless shelters, and veteran centres), raising awareness by providing accurate and reliable information about the pandemic, helping students with limited access to learning resources, and supporting local business and food banks.

Volunteers of any age can apply at https://forms.gle/kScDjk96xnmbKuDj8. Check out their Instagram @impactwithoutcontact and website https://impactwithoutcontact.ca for more information.

Image: Handmade thank you cards created by volunteers for Michael Garron hospital.



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