Have some spare time? Try bowling!

Markham Bowl is known for providing hours of fun entertainment. The owner, Candace Bryan, decided to bring that fun experience to her younger clientele and to those new to bowling.

Candace’s staff has created a whole new enjoyable bowling experience which also helps teach kids how to bowl properly and have lots of fun. HIT A PIN, WIN A PIN is a new bowling fun training game for kids ages 6-12. It helps kids increase their bowling accuracy and skill while getting the chance to win a stuffed bowling pin, for simply hitting a pin.

Just inquire at their front desk and your kids will be on their way to becoming a better bowler and having lots of fun too.

Visit www.markhambowl.com for more details.

Photo: Lilian Altajjar helps her brother, Ibrahim, bowl using the new HIT A PIN, WIN A PIN training tool.

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