Helping customers achieve their freedom central to renovated office of the future

Freedom 55 Financial officially opened their first ‘office of the future’ financial centre on June 29. The new office space is designed to meet the needs of its advisors and accommodate the varying expectations and preferences of customers.

The centre in Markham is the first to undergo the changes, while other Freedom 55 offices will follow with similar changes in the coming years.

“Freedom 55 Financial is redesigning their financial centres to better meet the needs of advisors in today’s
changing world,” says Nick Pszeniczny, Executive Vice-President, Advisory Network. “Each ‘office of the
future’ will be flexible, digitally enhanced and client-focused. It will also be equipped for advisors to connect
with their clients remotely.”

Consumers’ needs are evolving and financial security advisors are working differently. As one of the leaders in the
Canadian insurance industry, Freedom 55 Financial is listening and responding. The new spaces are
designed to meet those changing needs of advisors and clients. The financial centres are outfitted to enable
advisors to help their clients reach their financial security goals by:
• Reducing travel time in the heavily populated locations, like the greater Toronto area, with virtual client
meeting capabilities;
• Allowing real-time web applications completion with clients;
• Enabling collaboration with product specialists on the spot using concept review and real-time document
editing; and
• Leveraging advisor support associates in client meetings.

“When doing this type of work, we’re changing how people work. To succeed, we need to open up and
collaborate in new ways by effectively weaving people, space and technology together,” says Dirk Propfe,
President and CEO, ET Group, a digital solutions consultancy that supported Freedom 55’s office of the
future creation. “It takes bold leadership to recognize the need for change. It’s not a facelift but a
fundamental change in how an organization operates.”

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