Barn raising event supports MS Crisis Pregnancy Centre

The Markham Stouffville Crisis Pregnancy Centre (MSCPC) will hold their second annual Barn Raising event June 17th. It was just over a year ago when Cheryl Lindquist, MSCPC Client Services Director, approached Leslie Forsythe about partnering with them.

Their first event was a huge success where they raised over $10,000 for the Centre, which relies solely on the support of the community.

“It was fantastic – between corporate sponsorship and ticket sales and donations and our silent auction, we were able to raise (after expenses) just over $10,000,” said Lindquist.

They are hoping that this year will be even better and have a bigger team helping to plan, organize and run the event. Everyone who signs up and buys a ticket through the MSCPC will have full access to the farm:

“It’s huge, they’ve got a farm market, (they have) a kid’s play area with slides and little bikes and little houses that they’ve made. We also have unlimited wagon rides with the farm,” said Lindquist.

The MSCPC tent will also have games for the kids, face painting and lunch provided for families to enjoy. The event is open to the public and ticket proceeds will support the important work they do for local families.

“What the money that we raise is used for is to provide support to Mums in our area who are pregnant and struggling or have just had a baby and struggling. We help our Mums out from the time they come to us if that’s prenatal, or just shortly after they’ve had a baby – up until their little one is three,” explained Lindquist.

The MSCPC make close to a four-year commitment, and often times have moms who come back for emotional support, something that they love to provide but still do so free of charge

“All of that support is free for our Mums, so we rely a hundred percent on the community to fund our organization, we don’t get government support,” shares Lindquist.

They also have a great network of churches and individuals who generously donate but there are practical support needs, like toddler car seats, that don’t get donated.

“Often times we’ll use money that we have at the Centre, that we raise to provide a family who really needs a toddler car seat and we’ll go out and get it for them so that their child can be safe,” said Lindquist.

Other items that don’t get donated often that they know their Moms need and cannot afford, they will go out and purchase with the money that they raise

“So, that’s kind of a couple things that we use our money for, it is so that we can continue to provide free and confidential services to our clients,” says Lindquist.

Since January, their new client intake has tripled from last year, so they might be looking to hiring more staff, something they need to make sure they can afford. Everyone attending their event will be a part of providing support and hope to women and their families in times of crisis.
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