Healthy ways to detoxify your body this new year

In 2017, 33 per cent of Canadians’ New Year’s resolutions were to improve their eating habits and overall health. This year, lead a healthier lifestyle with a detox to flush harmful toxins out of your body.

A detox is the cleansing of toxins from your system. It’s often done by including and excluding certain foods and beverages in your daily meals. The extent of results from a detox is dependent on each person and the time spent doing it, however, some find that detoxes help with weight loss, a stronger immune system, an increase in blood circulation and a clearer complexion.

Starting a detox can be as easy as first identifying what types of food you’re consuming that are leaving harmful toxins in your body. Try and avoid foods that contain GMOs like processed cheese and meats. It’s also a good idea to cut out foods that contain artificial food colouring or dyes, such as instant oatmeal, microwavable popcorn, soda and some cereals.

The next step in the detox process is to substitute those options with healthier alternatives. Adding leafy greens like spinach and kale to your diet helps kill bacteria in your body and increases the amount of oxygen in your blood. Other veggies like broccoli and cauliflower are also great foods to add to your diet. Not only are they good for your kidney, they’re also high in antioxidants. A daily portion of fruits can also help cleanse your body. Blueberries and grapefruit, in particular, are high in antioxidants and can protect you from liver damage.

Garlic is a great option to put in your food to cleanse your bloodstream from harmful toxins. Garlic helps lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure while also reducing inflammation. Avocados also have anti-inflammatory functions, due to its high source of Omega-3, and help detoxify the liver as well.

In terms of suggested drinks for a detox, water is the number one beverage on the list. Studies show that people are often dehydrated, which causes stress in the body. That prevents your body from naturally flushing out the toxins in your system. If you want to take it up a level, you can add lemon to your water. Lemon water helps your body absorb more nutrients from the food you eat, improves your digestion, reduces bloating and helps detoxify your liver and intestines.

“Staying hydrated is key to weight loss and a proper detox,” says Syed Rizvi of Healthy Planet. “Kangen Water is the highest antioxidant alkalized water on the planet and drinking upwards of a gallon of it per day is ideal for optimum health. Many people struggle to keep their New Year’s resolutions for losing weight and might benefit by taking Renew Life First Cleanse or other similar detox products.”

Lastly, it’s a good idea to fit an exercising component into your schedule. Whether it be going for a morning jog or doing sit-ups at the gym, exercising can help you sweat out the toxins in your body and help with weight loss.

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