Happy and Healthy 2021

This new year might have all of us finding a determined strength in our thoughts of what we left behind.

Typically January is a month of self-reflection for many. For almost a year, we’ve kept our ears to the ground for the latest statistics and imposed regulations which have affected us all. No doubt a great deal of negativity, anxious thoughts and worry about what’s ahead.

On the flip side, much good has evolved from this as well. Many have a new-found sense of the outdoors since our forced home time with our bubbled loved ones has brought us to realize that feeling amazing after a brisk walk has its benefits. Culinary creativity has new meaning in most homes, as grocery stores deemed essential have opened many eyes to new foods and recipes. Technology has blossomed even more so as our school boards have created alternatives to our children’s learning experiences for those parents who wished to have their kids participate and for those employers who have allowed digital home spaces, loud applause to them!

As a parent, among the high percentage of worriers that digital communication was erasing the beauty of person-to-person conversations, my children found ways to do so digitally by video means. My clients who accepted video meetings as the new norm, my friends and my family who live outside of my home and stay in touch by these means, again prove that we adapt and continue to believe in human interaction even when obstacles are present.

These are all examples of adaptive living. In my mind, they’ve been proof that we can evolve to adapt, accept and make the best of everything even in unusual times. From what I’ve observed in my practice, more and more have identified that lazing couch potato syndrome has no benefit for the continued fast-paced waters we continue to tread in.

We are part of an era to see to it that all of this adaptive living is beneficial. It has purpose. It has meaning to each and every one of us in that our decisions can make a very positive difference for ourselves and our loved ones.

My personal goals are fueled by this mantra. My hope for this year ahead is that how we’ve navigated and adapted is for nothing less than success for a bright future with more knowledge, application and continued human interaction in a time when it seemed almost impossible where we all prevailed.

Happy New Year, Happy new YOU (for those determined to meet those continued successes) and best of continued health for 2021!


Story by: Shana Daniel R.H.N


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