Grade 10 student Inspired to Donate

A rare thing happened at Milliken Mills High School in Markham recently. A donation worth over $300 was made to the Special Education Department at Milliken Mills High School by a grade 10 student at the school named Liv Poyner.


In a letter written to the Special Education Department at MMHS Liv said,”I found myself moved and inspired at last week’s award ceremony and I am impressed with the Special Education Department’s acknowledgements of students with special needs.”


So impressed in fact, was Miss Poyner, that she made the decision to do something special after sitting in the audience for the semi -annual awards presentation that seeks to recognize outstanding student leadership across all facets of the school.


“The main reason behind my actions towards the special education department was my love and passion towards the students with Special Needs. My past experiences at my elementary school with children with special needs has brought me to where I am today; at an amazing and special school. The support that the students receive touches and continues to inspire me to help the students and this great cause.”


The money was raised out of her own pocket and with some help from her family members too. Liv helps out with students with special needs every day and she is also thinking about pursuing a career in helping students with special needs. This random act of kindness did not go unnoticed  as Ms. Shana Mayer and Ms. Karen Yu decided to put the money towards the Best Buddies Prom, a celebration for students with special needs. Different schools come together to celebrate achievements.


“I was taught to do things or give without expecting anything in return, love endlessly because it warms others hearts, do good and good shall always come back” Miss Poyner said.  “These are the teachers that inspire me to be my best and these are ones who help, guide and support me.”


Miss Yu, the assistant head of the Special Education Department at the school was touched by the donation. “It is rare to find such an insightful and passionate young person. Liv is passionate and concerned about the marginalized in society. I feel privileged to work with Liv to bring acknowledgement and joy to students with special needs.”


Miss Poyner continues to support the students in the school who have special needs and cites a quote which guides her from Canada’s own outstanding humanitarian Jean Vanier who said  “Every child, every person needs to know that they are a source of joy; every person, needs to be celebrated. Only when all of our weaknesses are accepted as part of our humanity can our negative, broken self-images be transformed.”

By Shamar Brown, Milliken Mills High School student


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