Goodbye rules, hello freedom

This spring-cleaning season, Value Village is introducing the next wave of decluttering: the one that works for you.

It’s not about being perfect or pristine – it’s about decluttering your home and closets responsibly in a way that’s uniquely you.

In collaboration with Orlando Soria, interior design expert and a self-proclaimed, “King of Decluttering,” the Value Village Neat-ish declutter movement is designed to make the experience accessible, responsible and, most importantly, fun.

“As an interior designer I’m no stranger to decluttering, but trying to be perfect can be overwhelming and strip away a home’s unique style and personality,” Soria said. “With the Neat-ish movement, we want you to feel supported, not more stressed out. Because no matter your decorating style, your house should represent you.”

Rather than following a strict step-by-step guide, Value Village and Soria have crafted guiding Neat-isms to help spring cleaners embrace an original, eco-friendly way to declutter – an up-to-you approach that embraces the mess before the magic.

“The Neat-isms don’t just offer guidance on how to declutter, they also show how you can do it responsibly by giving your unwanted items a second life,” Soria said. “It’s crazy to me that every second in North America, one garbage truck’s worth of textiles is discarded. Donating your previously loved items to a nonprofit at Value Village® is an easy way to keep them out of the landfill, and leave you feeling great about the good your items are doing for your community and the planet.”

To read more about Soria’s take on Neat-ish and the Neat-isms, read his blog post here.


Photo: This spring-cleaning season, Value Village is introducing the next wave of decluttering: the one that works for you.

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