Give the gift of girl power

(NC) Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about it: glaring conversations on sexism and gender inequality are happening in real time.

Girls and young women are often not given opportunities to take part in decisions impacting their lives, and this is a violation of their rights. This gets worse with poverty, climate crises, and civil disruption. With the holidays and Giving Tuesday just around the corner, consider the gift of power to help girls to propel their futures.

The majority of charitable gift catalogues direct your donation as they see fit, but many of Plan international Canada’s Gifts of Hope are matched with a donation by government, foundation or organizational partners. Your money goes directly to the gifts you choose. You can help children and girls in need, pursue education by sending a gift like school essentials for three children, or take a bigger step and consider a streamlined gift with lasting impact: Girl Power.

According to Plan International’s Taking the Lead report, girls’ aspirations to lead increase with education. Two-thirds of girls surveyed say they want to be a leader in the workplace – but their environment isn’t very encouraging. Inequality isn’t a trend – it’s a global reality where over 130 million girls aren’t enrolled in school and 479 million women can’t read this sentence, because they never had the chance to learn.

These reports compel us to check our privilege, and this season brings deeper introspection. In our current political climate where exclusion and hateful rhetoric proliferates in our policies, systems and minds, it’s our duty to change the narrative. When girls see who has power and control – decisions on a family, local, corporate and national level – it feels a long way from their vision of leadership and achieving gender equality.

We can all do our part to empower girls by changing perceptions and confronting bias, encouraging girls to go into fields traditionally dominated by males, like STEM: science, technology, engineering, math — and politics. Research shows every extra year a girl stays in school, it can increase her income by 10 to 20 per cent – a dividend that helps lift her and others around her out of poverty.

With the gift of Girl Power, you help create schools that are safe and ensure girls are not forced into early marriages. Giving such a gift to your friends and family here this season will directly benefit a girl in the developing world and will help unleash her potential with nourishment, education and protection.

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