From the Ground Up exhibit at the Markham Museum

Did you know that archaeological pieces were created on the grounds of the Markham Museum?

As incredible a fact as that is, this showcase exhibits actual archaeological findings found on the grounds of the Markham Museum between 1968 to 2009 – hence the literal term from the ground up.

One of the many things showcased in this exhibit is how Markham went from being a small village to being a vibrant city with over 350, 000 residents.

You will have the opportunity to see some of the earliest pottery ever created and the beautiful pieces that were made here at the Markham Museum grounds.


This is also your opportunity to sign up for and explore the clay traditions of various cultures through examining ceramics in the museum’s collection and to sign up to create your own clay masterpieces in the supportive environment and enriching environment of the museum. Get ready to receive kind and productive feedback and instruction on your own beautiful work and learn the best clay-making techniques used the world over.

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