Flag Day celebrated in Markham


Flag Day is a time to show respect to this beautiful flag of ours that represents our country.

That said, with Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations coming up on July 1, there was a lot of proud Canadians around Markham waving their flags high.

A celebration was held at the Markham Civic Centre, Feb. 15 in correlation with the 20th annual Salute to Our Flag Day and the 52nd anniversary of the great Canada Flag.

The speaker in attendance was Ted Barris, a military historian and author. In attendance were representatives from the RCMP, York Regional Police, Markham Fire Department, local councillors, Markham District Veterans Association veterans and members, other veterans and peacekeepers from all branches of the military.

Unionville High School Chamber choir performed a rendition of Oh Canada.

The event was emceed by Proud to be Canadian (PTBC) founder John Hawco who said today is a day to promote pride in Canada and to celebrate its great flag.

“It’s important that we as a nation remain proud to be who we are and that’s being Canadian,” Hawco said.


Scarpitti in a video address, also noted: “This day represents all citizens of Canada, who share the same values as a nation, who honour democracy, peace and respect, and it is done so by honouring our flag,” he said.

Unionville High School student Jessie Yan who wants to be a chef made a presentation in why she is proud to be Canadian; her piece was respectably entitled Why I am Proud to be Canadian.

“I am proud to be Canadian because in our country like mine anything is possible, there are no barriers holding me back from doing what I want to do,” Yan said. “Canada is rich and (has a) diverse culture and holds for the new generation a bright future. Canada is a vibrant community whose beauty shines from coast to coast.”

Ted Barris, military historian and author, said Flag Day is important because it honours not just our country but our soldiers who so bravely scarified everything so future generations could retain diverse and free lives.

“There are so many soldiers who we may know but a lot of others we don’t, these men and women served so courageously so their children, grandchildren and everyone else could have free and safe lives,” Barris said. “Flag Day is a day in which we can honour those people .”

Photo: The recent Flag Day ceremony was emceed by Proud to be Canadian Founder John Hawko.

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