Feds invest in solar-powered charging stations

The federal government recently announced a $2-million investment in Sky Solar Canada Ltd. for a total of 12 solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations at five sites across Ontario. One of the sites will be located on Renfrew Drive in Markham and will have four charging stations.

Many of the charging stations are bi-directional, which means they will also be able to deliver energy from the battery to the electricity grid. The demonstration project will help identify the economic benefits of bi-directional charging.

“We are pleased to develop and expand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure,” said Frank Ruffolo, Sky Solar (Canada) Ltd. operations vice-president. “With support from Natural Resources Canada and our partners, we look forward to meeting the challenges of evolving transportation needs and advancing clean sustainable energy solutions.”

With electric vehicles playing a key role in Canada’s low-carbon future, the investment helps encourage drivers to make greener choices and seriously look at it as a viable option.

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