It’s elementary, Watson!

If you ever wanted to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, there is a new and unique way to do so in town.

Imagine that you find yourself locked in a room with your best friend. There doesn’t seem to be any way of escaping, yet there is one clue telling you to ‘look for a key’. You realize that the room is in fact a prison cell, one that belongs in a different time.

So here you are, trapped in a medieval prison, looking for a key, and only one hour before the executioner comes to take care of the prisoner—you!

“The experience is an interesting one,” said Johnathan Smeh, after successfully completing the medieval prison escape. “I enjoy the challenge of figuring out solutions to puzzles and this real life scenario provided me with a thrill that is quite different than everything I have done before.”

This is one of many scenarios that can be chosen at two very unique real life room escape locations.

Of course there is no executioner and if you fail to escape you simply get to go home, but where is the fun in that?

Trapped and Esc-It are two establishments located in Markham that offer this unique form of entertainment.

This new form of entertainment seems to bring people from all around the area to Markham. Such an experience is becoming quite popular, especially amongst young adults.

“My girlfriend and I traveled from Collingwood to try our hand at one of the many escape scenarios and we had a great time,” added Smeh. “We will definitely come back and try a different room. There are so many options.”

Those seeking the thrill of solving mysteries should know that for $20 you can escape your day-to-day routine for one hour.

Albeit a very unforgettable and unique hour that will have your mind scrambling for clues, trying to solve riddles, testing your knowledge and challenging you to think outside the box.

Esc-It offers a more ‘horrifying experience’ with scenes depicting a haunted library, a dungeon and a cryptic cellar among others.

Trapped, on the other hand, is a bit more creative, with the settings not only ranging in variety, but also in time. An Egyptian tomb, a medieval prison, even a futuristic room, set in 2046, are some of the options.

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