Embodying the Christmas message

The iconic phrase from the Christmas story, “Peace on earth, good will toward men,” is being received with extra enthusiasm in 2020.

Following a year marked by COVID-19 restrictions, political polarization, and racial protest, Ontarians have been ready for months to flip their calendars to 2021. Certainly, there is hope that the fireworks of New Year’s will signal improvement.

Beyond that, there is the magical twenty-fifth of December. Surely Christmas, if any day, can deliver on some overdue joy. Work is paused for many, families congregate (in their bubbles), and gifts are exchanged.  The climax of all the Christmas preparation with lights, trees, and decorations is reached, but for what purpose?

Universal peace is admirable, familial reconciliation is welcomed, but for this special holiday, its origin is in God becoming man and sending Jesus Christ to be the world’s saviour.

In a cosmopolitan province and country, only a small percentage still celebrate this explicitly around the dinner table. Albeit many will try to capture elements of what Christmas represents.

According to The Meeting House lead pastor, Bruxy Cavey, to take the message of Jesus seriously is to emulate the life of Jesus.

“It is modelling the character of Christ, modelling the fruit of the Spirit, love and joy and peace and kindness and patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

Yet for Cavey and Christians alike, the only way to truly embody this Christmas message is to embrace Christ and receive that gift.


Photo: The Meeting House lead pastor Bruxy Cavey.

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