Distributing rice dumplings to seniors and people in need

Councillor Isa Lee distributes Chinese rice dumplings to seniors at the Cross-Cultural Community Services Association on May 28.

In celebration of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Markham Councillor Isa Lee will be distributing Chinese rice dumplings – donated from some generous donors – to seniors and people in need.

Chi Heng Foundation, whose primary mission is to raise funds to provide education and psycho-social support to AIDS-impacted children in China, recently held its annual Rice Dumpling Charity Sale. Councillor Lee who has been a volunteer at Chi Heng for nearly a decade, and also a working committee member at the foundation, raised $4,000  for Chi Heng’s Rice Dumpling Sale from some generous donors.  The 1,000 rice dumplings received in return from Chi Heng Foundation’s sale is now being donated back to the community, and will be personally distributed by Councillor Lee to seniors at the following locations: 105 Gibson Centre & Food Bank on June 6  from 10-11:15am; Carefirst (420 Hwy 7 East, Suite 104A) on June 6 from 11:30am-12:45pm; and CICS Markham South Welcome Centre on June 6 from 1:30-2:30pm. She also distributed dumplings to Mon Sheong and TCCSA in May.

In the 1990s, many impoverished peasants in central China, in their desperation to make ends meet, sold blood to earn extra money. The unsanitary blood collection practices at the time caused many to unwittingly contract HIV and die of AIDS, leaving young orphans who are often discriminated by society because they are from an “AIDS family”. Some pregnant mothers even unknowingly passed on the disease to their children. Chi Heng Foundation Founder and Chairman Chung To – a former investment banker who left his job to pursue his passion in supporting AIDS-affected youth in China – has worked hard to raise funds for this meaningful cause over the years, and also strives to ensure that every penny raised goes directly to helping AIDS-impacted children.

Thanks to the donations from generous donors, Chi Heng will be able to provide the gift of an education to the AIDS-impacted orphans, while ensuring seniors and people in need here at home will be gifted Chinese rice dumplings in time to celebrate this traditional Chinese festival with their loved ones.

Photo: Markham Councillor Isa Lee distributes rice dumplings to seniors and people in need.

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