Meet a PM at theatrical supper party

Have a “dinner” with a prime minister, deciding on a national crisis.

Next month, Shadowpath Theatre Productions gives you an opportunity to dine with Canadian politician, Métis leader and founder of the province of Manitoba, Louis Riel.

The synopsis: it’s 1885 and the Battle of Batoche has Canadian authorities up against a force of Métis. Riel makes one final escape to his French allies in Quebec for an urgent rendezvous. The main topic of dinner conversation, attended by former Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie and Canadian poet-performer Pauline Johnson, should Riel flee, fight or surrender?

Tickets for “Dinner with Canada,” are $26 for a three-course meal, $18 for two courses or $15 to enjoy the theatrics without the food.

The pop-up theatrical supper party is slated for 7 pm on Nov. 26 at the Flato Markham Theatre, 171 Town Centre Boulevard.

Visit for more information.

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