This production of Klorofyl is a representation of dance storytelling that sits in the sweet spot between artistry and entertainment.

Dora Award-winning dance company Gadfly, brings its own brand of urban dance powered by choreographers Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Sinbadinho.  Originally from Montreal, the creative duet presents a remarkable repertoire that has constantly been evolving through the years. They are captivating dancers, maverick choreographers, and, most of all, passionate professionals. Collectively, they are committed to increase the visibility of street dances and educate the masses about the importance of being a Gadfly: be unique, dare to question the established standards and innovate.

“Extraordinary choreography,” says Christopher Hoile, of Eye Weekly newspaper, in a recent review. “It’s terrifically exciting to see street dance liberated from the robotics of music videos and imbued with emotional expression.”

Gadfly Urban Dance presents Klorofyl on Jan. 18 at Flato Markham Theatre.



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