Connecting the world through dance

Grace, music and the timeless art of storytelling will converge in March as the Shanghai Dance Theatre comes to town.

Performing March 4 at the Flato Markham Theatre, the company aims to bring its fusion of Chinese national folk and contemporary dance styles, set against a backdrop of vocal and instrumental musical productions.

Since the dance troupe’s founding in 1979, its performers have staged such shows as Golden Dances and Silver Costumes, Shining Red Star, Wild Zebras and Stage Sisters, as well as a number of special gala performances.

The troupe’s work has been recognized around the world—particularly in its native country, where it has been awarded honours including the China Five Projects Award, the China National Stage Art Fine Works Project Award, and Lotus Award, and first prize in the East China Professional Dance Competition.

SDT has a pool of talents with global appeal such as Huang Doudou, Zhu Jiejing, Fang Guang, Wang Jiajun, Hou Tengfei, Huang Aiping. They have visited the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Dance dramas such as Crested IbisesWild Zebra, Farewell to My Concubine, Golden Dances & Silver Costumes all enjoy a high prestige.


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