Community shines at Greensborough Diversity Fair

In a show of community and togetherness, the diverse students at Greensborough Public School celebrated their differences (and similarities) at their annual indoor Diversity Fair in early April. The school’s population is made up of students originating from 50 different countries around the world – all of whom came together to celebrate each other.

The event included professional performers (African drummers, a Hindi singer, First Nations performance, Tai Chi demonstration, Bollywood dancers, Caribbean and African dancers), student performances (band, choir and primary drama club), games and crafts.

The community of parents, teachers, students and local residents were also treated to free Henna tattoos, Chinese calligraphy, a selfie booth and ice cream cones.

Principal Jim Spiers stressed the importance of appreciation and respect for diversity, during his address, saying that students who feel welcome and accepted in their school are more likely to succeed academically and socially.

“This evening will create many opportunities for everyone to engage in social and education activities that teach about First Nations and other nations – what makes our land great,” said Spiers.

Colin Campbell, Ward 5 Councillor made sure to come out and support the event despite the fact he was recovering from knee surgery.

“I’m really happy. I wanted to come and support Greensborough Public School. They do a fantastic job in our community and it deserves support,” said Campbell.

Although he is no stranger to fairs and celebrations at the school, it was also his first time attending the Greensborough Diversity Fair.

“They live what our ideas of diversity and community are. Principal Jim is doing an absolutely amazing job and we should be copying this right across the country, what he’s doing here – it’s such diversity.” The event was also supported by J. Philip Parappally (YRDSB Director), Nirmala Armstrong (Regional Councillor), Daniel Wu (YRDSB Superintendent) and Drew McNaughton (YRDSB Superintendent of Indigenous Programs).


Colin Campbell, Ward 5 Councillor and Jim Spiers, Principal



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