Community invited to ‘Return to Nallur’

Students at Middlefield Collegiate Institute in Markham invite the community to join them as they Return to Nallur.

The Tamil memory play is adapted from Return to Ithaca, a 2014 comedy-drama in which five friends reunite on a rooftop terrace in Havana to celebrate the return of Amadeo after his 16 years of self-exile in Spain.

Return to Nalllur offers a Tamil context and reflects the lived experiences of Middlefield students. It shares the experience of Anjuli, who leaves her hometown of Nallur, Sri Lanka, to make a new life in Toronto. Part memory, part fantasy, Return to Nallur uses traditional student-composed music and student-choreographed dance and asks the audience to consider the role of memory in shaping our identities.

The play is performed at Middlefield C.I. at 535 Highglen Ave. Tickets can be purchased online for the following dates: Thursday, Feb. 13 (, Friday, Feb. 14 (, Tuesday, Feb. 18 ( and Thursday, Feb. 20 ( Performances begin at 7 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Middlefield Collegiate Institute. 

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