Community ideas continue to shape a strong, caring and safe region

Feedback from York Region’s Have Your Say consultations is helping to provide valuable insight from residents about the kind of place they want York Region to be.

“When it comes to hearing what residents want to see in their community we want to ensure we have the most comprehensive feedback,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “The Region continues to connect with residents through a mix of engagement opportunities to help support York Region build strong, caring and safe communities.”

In a report summarizing public consultation to date, residents, businesses and workers have shared they want compact, walkable communities with affordable housing options close to community services and cultural events. They also desire the protection of green spaces and support continued investment in public transit infrastructure.

Feedback gained through these consultations will help inform the Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) and update of the Regional Official Plan policies to reflect community needs and guide planning for future growth and development in York Region.

“Public engagement across all of our cities and towns is integral to building communities where residents want to live, work and play,” said City of Markham Regional Councillor Jim Jones, Chair of Planning and Economic Development. “These consultations will continue to inform the policies we develop and how we grow as a Region over the next 20 years.”

York Region will continue to engage with the public and provide opportunities for resident input to inform the development of a draft Regional Official Plan update.

Residents are encouraged to have a say through ongoing public consultations. More information on how to get involved or to receive information on upcoming activities can be found at

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