City of Markham, Bell and IBM partners in Smart City initiative

The City of Markham recently announced the launch of the Smart City Accelerator Research Program, a new partnership with Bell Canada and IBM Canada. The program will test a new generation of systems to monitor city infrastructure and detect problems. The hope is to improve the efficiency of municipal operations and enhance city services for residents.

The program will combine Bell’s broadband networks, IBM data analytics and data from sensors placed in various parts of the city.

Planned initiatives for the Markham Smart City program include: asset management (remote tracking of usage and location of municipal equipment); water leak detection (sensors on water mains and hydrants to provide real-time status of water system conditions); storm and flood water monitoring (manhole and river sensors measure water levels to help manage flood risk and mitigate damage); environmental monitoring (temperature and humidity sensors from fixed locations across the city will provide weather data to guide decisions on management of city operations) and energy management (sensors will monitor and support analysis of energy usage in municipal buildings to optimize energy management).

“Markham will serve as a living lab and an incubator for innovation,” said Mayor Frank Scarpitti. “By embracing smart city technologies, we will continue to deliver exceptional services to our residents at lower costs and improve the quality of life. This partnership with Bell speaks to Markham’s commitment to leveraging the latest digital tools and assets; keeping us connected in an age of great transformation while reinforcing Markham’s position as a municipal leader in the heart of Canada’s innovation corridor.”

“We’re proud to partner with Markham to extend the city’s technology leadership in the management of municipal operations and enhanced delivery of city services,” said Gary Semplonius, Bell senior vice-president. “By leveraging the Bell Smart City platform to monitor and manage critical infrastructure and services, Markham’s program will lead to more efficient operations and improved services for everyone who lives and works here.”

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